by avenuepop

How many times have we tried to follow a nice and constant skincare routine but then have
left it halfways? In my case it’s been a couple times for sure.
While perfect skin is almost impossible to achieve, as every skin is different and we all have
imperfections, we all want a healthy and glowy skin, just as the one we see in so many
celebrities across Instagram. The problem comes when checking their skin care routine, as we
realize it is composed of 10 different (and not affordable) products which take like 30
minutes to apply.
Anyone has that or wants that for a daily life, so let’s see what are the steps that will help you
the most while taking the least time in order to get healthy skin!

  1. Make Up Remover
    You must have heard it a thousand times already, but you always, always, always, must
    remove your makeup once you are done for the day. No exceptions. And it is true, there ain’t
    no nice skin if you let your makeup stay there and contaminate until it magically disappears,
    which surprise, it doesn’t. Sometimes it can be boring and take long if you wore a lot of
    products, but it is key as your skin will not be able to breath until it is all cleared out.
    Micellar water is usually the best way to remove your makeup as it is very gentle with your
    skin, although sometimes it may not be enough, specially for eye make up or waterproof
    products. In those cases, a bi-phase make up remover will be best.
    Both products are really easy to find, as brands from Nivea to Le Mer have them, so they
    exist in all price ranges too.
  1. Skin Cleanser
    And after removing your make up, you will also have to remove the excess that is left in your
    skin from the make up remover. Paradoxically, I know. Many make up removers, either
    micellar water, bi-phase remover, or any other product you may use, even wipes, will leave
    some excess in your skin, along with some makeup traces that might not have gotten out
    In order to get rid of this excess, that in most cases will be oily, as well as to make sure the
    100% of your makeup is gone, we must use a cleanser. Any cleanser will work, we don’t
    need to get fancy here. For example, Cetaphil’s epic cleanser, available in all drug stores
    everywhere, will be more than enough. Remember that all we want is to let our skin
    completely empty from any outer substance!
  1. Toner
    Once we have a completely empty skin, we might see its imperfections better. Furthermore,
    after applying removers, washing it, and rubbing it with a towel it might be reddened or dry,
    especially if you have sensitive skin. That’s when toner comes in.
    Toner is a liquid product that will help us balance our skin and manage our pores after all the
    products and rubbing we have put it through. Usually, toners are very light and they absorb
    very quickly, so it will be a matter of seconds. You just pour some into a cotton pad and pad
    it into your skin, never rubbing it. It will also leave your skin feeling very fresh, so it is one of
    the most pleasing if not the most pleasing steps of this routine.
  1. Moisturizer
    Once our skin has absorbed our toner, and is therefore more balanced, it will be ready to take
    moisturizer in. Moisturizer, along with makeup remover, is one of the most important and
    essential steps in order to have healthy skin.
    All skins need moisturizer. If your skin is oily, please do not think that simply because your
    skin is oily it is already moisturized enough, because it is not. Oil does not moisturize skin.
    Equally, if your skin is dry, don’t over moisture it by applying a lot of product. Instead, look
    for a specific product for your skin type. Moisturizer is so essential there are products tailored
    for everyone!

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