by avenuepop

If by this time you still don’t have a Twitter account, stop whatever you are doing right now
and create one for yourself. It might be a place where no rules seem to govern the interactions
between users, which might make it frighteningly wild, but at the same time the witty and
creativity with which most of the accounts manifest themselves is truly engaging.
Whether you are a Twitter Veteran or you are new in the most savage social media, take note
of these accounts, which will certainly make you look at everything from a funnier

  1. @LilNasX https://twitter.com/LilNasX
    The rapper rules one of the funniest accounts in Twitter as his dark humour is impregnated
    into everything he tweets. Not only his random thoughts and ridiculous selfies are what
    makes his content funny, but the interactions he has with other important accounts and the
    way he talks to them as if they were no big deal have conquered Twitter’s users’ hearts.

If you are up for unexpected thoughts that are actually funny although you would have never
thought them in that way, this is your account!

  1. @RespectfulMemes https://twitter.com/RespectfulMemes
    This account provides what it says, a daily display of respectful memes. Against the common
    thought that nowadays it is not possible to make jokes without offending anyone, Respectful
    Memes proves that such a thing is not true at all. Their memes are incredibly cute and funny,
    and actually have some thought behind. It is not just about basic memes that your granny
    would share on Facebook, we all can relate to most of the stuff they post!

It will get you to smile when you see their memes on your timeline, so wait no more and
follow this respectful account!

  1. @OrdureBizaree https://twitter.com/ordurebizarree
    Its content is as Bizarre as you can guess, but at this point we all know that there is something
    really funny inside all the weirdness. Their pics might be disturbing sometimes, but this
    account has something addictive. No matter how weird it gets, you always want more, and
    the truth is that most of their pics are actually so out of context that they become funny.

Follow them for the most unexpected content you have ever imagined, and take some laughs
at it!

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