by avenuepop

Every winter, no matter what, the colors that fulfill our streets are always blck, grey and
beige. It is easy to understand why, they are neutral, easy to combine, and they feel about
right for rainy days when everything seems to darken up.
This year, however, that might change, since colorful clothing seems to have arrived stronger
than ever.
The kings of winter clothing are jumpers and hoodies, and this year, we are seeing them in all
prints and colors.
Animal print arrived a few years ago and it looks like they are not going to leave anytime
soon, and they clearly are one of the most powerful prints of the season. But don’t you think
we are talking about brown, black or white colors as animal prints have usually been. Color
mixing is key this season and edgy combinations in animal patterns result in the coolest
pieces out there.

Not only in animal print we can see this edgy color mixing, but also with all kinds of patterns,
icons and forms. Simple items like stars, smiley faces, or thunders are killing it right now.
And of course, the higher the contrast, the better.

And if we go a step further into the color mixing game, we find patchwork. We first saw it in
Winter 2017, but it did arrive in a very shy way and it didn’t really become the big trend it
should have. But better late than ever, and this year seems like it could finally be patwork’s
We can see different textures, and colors mixed into a single piece, and again, the higher the
contrast, the better. There is no shame in creating something eccentric, as originality here is

And very close to patchwork, we find color blocking. Symmetric patterns playing with the
piece structure, and actually making it visible through the use of color. Some people claim
that combinations within this trend are risky and that they can be harder to combine, but we
don’t see it that way.
It is easy to make it work, just by grabbing a basic pair of jeans, not too dark or too washed
out either, and some neutral sneakers and you are all set. You will for sure stand out from the
rest and you just have a cool color blocking cozy jumper on. It’s a win win!

However, as we all know by now, sometimes less is more and a simple, plain, yet colorful
jumper can make our outfit stand out without needing anything else.
Hot pink, lavender and acid green seem to be the colors of this season, and they are bright
enough to make you look completely different from what you are probably used to, but they
are at the same time basic enough as to find something they will look great with.
Jeans are always a safe bet, but remember there are many other options besides them. Leather
jackets, business skirts…they are also pretty basic items on trend right now with which you
can match your most colorful pieces. Combinations are endless, and this year more than ever,
mixing is winning!

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