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Chiara Ferragni: New makeup line, winter collection, and a baby in the oven

by avenuepop

The Italian influencer who has conquered us all with her charming personality and vibrant
style (and cool wedding) hasn’t really stopped doing announcements since the end of the
summer: from the release of her first bags ever to her collaboration with Lancome, we’re here
to update you with all the projects she’s been coming up with lately!
As we were saying, the season started with the announcement of her new bags for her
clothing brand, “Chiara Ferragni Collection”. The so called “The Eye Like Bag” line was the
first line of bags she had ever designed, and they were a complete success from the beginning
since some colours ran out of stock during the first week. However, no worries, they are all
back on sale now.

Starting at 250 euros for the small, which would equal around $300, it may be more
expensive than what many of us usually spend on a bag, but is still affordable and the perfect
treat for yourself or for anyone who is going to appreciate it.
What is clear is that a lot of dedication and hard work must have gone into such cute and
stylish bags, congrats Chiara!
A few weeks after the bag collection, The Ferragnez went ahead and decided to let the world
know about what probably is the most important news for them: they are expecting again.
The couple has already blessed the world with their firts son, Leo, who is 3 years old now,
and who seems to be very excited about becoming an older brother.
Precisely today, Chiara has entered the 19th week of her pregnancy, which reveals she is now
more or less in the middle of it.

As the Influencer also shared in her Instagram, all her family is already full of joy and
excitement waiting for the new family member to arrive.
We can’t wait to see the face of the next descendant of such a gorgeous family, and neither to
see the outfits that her mom is going to choose for her!
What came next was the release of her new winter line, again, for her Chiara Ferragni
Collection. The launch was around a week ago and we have already seen lots of influencers
wearing what seems to be the most iconic piece of this line, the balck sweater with the CF
colorful embroidery.

All the products of her new line, which are basically sweaters and cardigans, range from 200
to 300 euros, and they are all perfect for the winter. The colorful details that characterize all
of them make sure that you stand out from the sobriety of the all time winter colors: grey,
bage, white and black; and although the pieces may be a little bit of an inversion, we are sure
they will be an essential piece of your closet for years to come.
The last announcements so far came early last week, and it is, as we hinted before, a
collaboration with Lancome makeup.
Chiara, along with the French brand, launched an eye shadow palette and a lipstick in three
different shades in a unique packaging with Ferragni’s iconic eye wink.
With a variety of glittery and metallized colors, the eye shadows palette would be versatile
enough for Emily from Emily in Paris to wear it on the opera and to buy some pain au
chocolat on a Sunday morning, and we know how different those moods are.

Same for the lipsticks, with two reds, one matte and the other one shiny, and one nude, they
are perfect for any occasion, just as all the lipsticks in the world.

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