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Good News during not so good times

by avenuepop

Again, we don’t even need to mention that life on Earth is not going through its best days,
and I am sure I don’t need to remind you why. Let’s just get some motivation by looking at
some small and not so small victories that are already making a good impact.

  1. Hugging cows have been proven to be therapeutic
    In the Netherlands, a recent study has proven that cuddling with our fellow bovines can
    actually really improve our wellness. But it doesn’t consist of just randomly and awkwardly
    starting hugging a cow: it is a process that involves much more than that.
    First, we should walk around the cows’ habitat in order to get familiar with it. Then, after
    choosing the animal we want to get closer too, we can lay down next to him and start
    After two hours of laying down body-with-body with the cow, we should start feeling more
    relaxed, claims the study, since the close contact with the animal can boost our oxytocin
    levels, the hormone released in social bonding, but without humans. Just with cute little (or
    not so little) cows!
  1. For the first time, the nobel prize for chemistry has been awarded to two females
    Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer A. Doudna, those are the women who have made
    history in this year’s Nobel Prize ceremony.
    Together, they developed a genetic-editing tool which fellow scientists have claimed will
    have a revolutionary impact on biology. The awarded scientists claimed that the idea of the
    project started back in 2012 out of mere curiosity, and, with the years, they kept working on it
    until they saw it could actually become real. And now, 8 years later, they are making history
    not only with the launch of their device, but for being the first females to receive such an
    honorable award. Congratulations!
  1. Prosthetic arm that shoots glitter invented by a young girl
    Jordan Reeves behind such an invention named “Project Unicorn”, which is, as the title hints,
    a horn-shaped prosthetic arm capable of shooting glitter.
    Jordan was born with her left arm only developed until her elbow, and this, far from bringing
    her down, did only encourage her creativity. She created the first draft of the project when
    she was just 10 years old, and from there, she became more and more popular as she
    improved her device.
    It has appeared in the first episode of Marvel’s “Superhero Project” and Jordan has spoken in
    many TEDtalks to make sure everyone in a situation like her knew that a disability was not a
    limitation to make something great! You rock Jordan!
  1. Tasmanian Devils finally return to Australia
    It had been over 3,000 years since these little marsupials left Australia, which explains why
    no one was expecting to ever see them back. Well, for everyone’s surprise, they’re back!
    In efforts to protect them and to encourage them not to leave again, the animals have been
    placed in a sanctuary which will make sure they can properly adapt to their environment.
    They won’t be supplied any food or water in order to push them to figure out by themselves
    their new life back in Australia.
    Experts are really happy about this event since they claim that their arrival will have very
    positive effects for everyone and everything within their habitat, and we couldn’t be more
    excited to see how these little ones readapt to their life back home!

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