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Good News during Not So Good Times

by avenuepop

The world as today is not going through its best days, and I am sure I don’t need to remind
you why. Everything in every aspect seems to be wrong, and while we find the strength and
the courage to get out there and make a difference, let’s get some motivation by looking at
some small and not so small victories that are already making a good impact.

  1. New Zealand is headed to a 100% renewable energy goal it plans to fulfill by 2030.
    As ambitious as it may sound, the New Zealander’s Prime Minister announced a few
    days ago that they are going to take the economic recovery of the country after
    Covid-19 as an opportunity to bet for a much more sustainable system, and so, by
    2030, get to be 100% based on renewable energy. That is almost here!
  1. Kitty pictures against racism in Manchester. Young crews in the British city of
    Manchester have taken initiative against racism in a very pacific and cute way: they
    are covering all racist insults, offensive images, caricatures or graffiti that can be
    found in and around the city with kitty stickers. This is the literal action for “spread
    love, not hate”, isn’t it? We couldn’t love this anymore!
  1. New Broken Record in Ecuador: Julio Mora, 110, and Waldramina Quineteros, 104,
    are now the world’s oldest married couple after 79 years of marriage. Almost 80 years
    sharing their lives together, this is a real love story over here. The best part is that they
    are both lucid, in good health, and able to enjoy each other’s company every day at
    their home. May we all find a love like this!
  1. Positive results in Dog training to detect Covid-19. We already had tons of reasons to
    love our furry friends, yet here is another one! A group of researchers in Helsinki
    have been working with training dogs in the virus’ detection in people, and it has been
    a success so far. The doggies have been able to identify the virus with an almost
    100% accuracy even in asymptomatic patients. This new ability could be really useful
    and save a lot of money on tests around the world!
  1. Mexican firefighters arrive to California to help combat the fires. Fires, as many other
    things in the world we all inhabit, do not have frontiers, and so proved 100 firefighters
    from Mexico’s National Forestry when they travelled to the Sequoia fire to join US
    crew in their efforts to stop the fire. It is clear that team work makes the dream work,
    and that humanity is and should always be above everything else.

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