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“In My Veins” release by KATRINA STUART

by avenuepop

This last Friday, November 27th, 2020, Katrina Stuart released her new single, “In My Veins”
on all major streaming services via West Avenue Records. The subtle yet powerful pop track
plays with the metaphor in its title to express the vulnerability and frustration that can arise
when unsuccessfully trying to forget a loved one.
The Canadian singer lays it out on the line as she sings, “Keep on talking, talking to yourself;
keep on moving, ‘cause this is the end; you won’t find me, you won’t make sense (oh, oh,
oh, oh), but you’re in my veins,” over an incredibly catchy and chill pop beat. “In My Veins”
is the first single Tess Mon Pere has released since her first album “Under My Skin” went
live last November 2019. The Glide Remix from her song “Blue Roses”, also part from this
album, saw the light in June, but that was not an original single like “In My Veins” but a
Remix. “Under My Skin” got Katrina over 4.5 million streams on Spotify and over 65
thousand monthly listeners, who have already listened and enjoyed the new single by the
Katrina is in the brightest moment of her career so far, and yet we know this is only the
beginning. The singer is also an influencer and tiktoker and her media reach is becoming
bigger and bigger everyday, bringing her many new opportunities that she is for sure not
going to waste.
It is because of this that now we can also enjoy Katrina in the content house “The Clubhouse
Beverly Hills”, where she lives and works along with other media personalities.
All of the Clubhouse members have already listened to “In My Veins” and shared their
support, just like everyone surrounding Katrina, including partner Sam Goldbach and her
friends from “The Traphouse”.
Additionally, “In My Veins” is already in pre-production for its music video, so there are
reasons enough to be excited and joyful about this new release.
Stream “In My Veins” on all major streaming platforms and stay tuned for updates!

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