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Jeff Bezos’ Mega Billionaire Status Tops Pre-Divorce Record

by avenuepop

On July 5, 1994 in Bellevue, WA, Jeff Bezos founded Amazon, the multinational technology
company that focuses on e-commerce services and artificial intelligence.
The technological innovative company sells books, household goods and other products through
its flagship website. It also controls the Whole Foods grocery chain and offers cloud computing
and video streaming services. Amazon reported revenue of $281 billion in 2019. As of July 1,
2020, Amazon has reached a streaming revenue of $172 billion.
We all know about his company, but what do we really know about Bezos himself?
Here are some fun facts you wouldn’t expect from him!
● Right before launching Amazon Web Services, which is the platform Netflix relies on to
distribute video to millions of American homes around the clock, Bezos decided to cut
the prices that Amazon would charge companies to use its servers. When he was told that
such a thing would cause the company to take a loss for a long time, he responded by
saying that profits would only attract competition. It is clear that money does build
confidence huh?!
● Bezos takes customer service so seriously that he lets customers email him directly. If he
finds a truly pressing issue, he’ll forward it to relevant Amazon employees with a single
note: “?” Recipients of these emails are supposed to know how to fix the problem and
will immediately explain why it was a problem in the first place.
● Interested in working for Amazon? Work on your writing, not your slide decks — Bezos
has banned PowerPoint presentations and requires his staff to turn in six-page papers on
their proposals to encourage critical thinking over simplistic bullet points. If you got out
of college thinking that you would never have to face a paper again…Amazon may not be
for you!
● Jeff Bezos is actually adopted. His stepfather, Miguel “Mike” Bezos adopted him at a
really young age. He was actually an engineer at Exxon, so we can really understand
where Jeff’s vocation came from.
● Before choosing to name his company “Amazon”, the name he had in mind for his then
online bookselling company was “Cadabra”. However, after thinking about it for some
time, he decided it was too close to the word “cadaver” and (thankfully) opted for

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