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Looking at Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa’s New music video for “Prisoner”

by avenuepop

This last Friday, two giants of nowadays pop such as Dua Lipa and Miley Cyrus released
their first single together: “Prisoner”. As expected, the song is a hit and it has quickly climbed
to the top positions of all music charts during the weekend, just as its music video has been
trending in Youtube almost since its release.
Certainly, “Prisoner” music video is one of a kind. It is striking, wild, sometimes uncanny,
and always fun to watch. How could it not, being this a Miley Cyrus music video? In fact, to
be honest, Miley did a very good job at preparing us all for the video as in the previous days
to its release, she kept posting some shots and even gifs of the video. She posted content
precisely from the scenes in which both she and Dua Lipa are covered in this red,
blood-looking liquid, which probably we would all agree could be the most disturbing images
of the video.
After seeing those images first, watching the rest of the video was a really nice experience, as
the short does convey some kind of good vibes after all.
For the first half of the video, all the shots in the front part of the van where the artists are just
“driving”, singing and having fun would be more commercial than what we are used to with
Miley’s videos, but definitely similar to what we have seen in some previous Dua Lipa’s
releases: there is a lot of movement and controlled chaos in these images, which make it very
dynamic. Even until the part when they move to the back of the van and they start trying on
new outfits and dancing, up until the dancing kind of becomes twerking, which is definitely
Miley again.

This second part of the video, starting with the red, bloody-looking liquid is what defines best
the essence of the video. The way in which the singers play with the liquid and interact with
each other is the most commented part of it, as it was clearly made to stand out. The tension,
sensuality and weirdness it conveys is addictive and engaging, and even though not everyone
may have enjoyed it, anyone wanted or couldn’t stop looking at it. It is an explosion of
feelings and moods that effectively conveys the tension and the passion the lyrics of the song
talk about, and it surely represents Miley, and also Dua Lipa on it

The last part of the video, their arrival to the club and their concert on top of the stage,
provides a nice and fun closing scene which makes it really easy for us to keep watching the
video and get a good feeling at its end. As we were saying before, it’s just two artists singing
and having fun, and that is always appealing to watch. Miley keeps her particular style by still
wearing the red- inked t-shirt from before, and dua Lipa keeps her style in general. It is a
good and closing ending for a crazy and passionate journey, and we are not still over how
great it is.

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