by avenuepop

Netflix, as the biggest streaming platform out there these days, must have a very smart
marketing team. And a very basic marketing strategy is seasonal content, something that
Netflix has proven to manage incredibly well.
Back in Halloween they already came out with new spooky films like “Hubie Halloween” or
“Vampires” Vs. The Bronx”, plus they featured all the horrors they’ve acquired to every user.
And now, around a month from Christmas, they are doing the same thing with Christmas
The show you might have heard the most about is “Dash & Lily”. In this case it’s not a film
but a show, as the Christmas period is longer than any other seasonal event and might
therefore capture audiences for a longer time. The show is set in New York in (surprise)
Christmas, and is full of red and green motifs and carols that can put anyone into that warm
christmas mood.
It tells the story of how Dash and Lily meet in a really unusual way, through notes and
challenges in a notebook in one of New York’s most special bookstores, and it shows how,
even though Dash and Lily seemed to be completely opposite to each other, time might show
that wasn’t so true after all.
As every Christmas film ever made, it appeals to the Christmas spirit and to the hope and
faith it may bring as a reason to make characters become better in order to meet their wants
and needs. And hey, it might sound basic, but we love it here. Wish we could all feel that
kind of spirit that made us actually be and feel better!

But this is not the first Christmas show Netflix has produced. Last year the platform also
came out with one christmas story to delight us all with, “Merry Happy Whatever”. In this
case, the show is a sitcom that shows how a family deals with the new boyfriend of one of
their daughters, who comes home for the first time in Christmas.
The best thing about this show is of course, it cast: Bridgit Mendler and Ashley Tisdale.
Together. In a christmas show. It must be the dream of all millenials and Gen X generations!
Surprisingly, however, the show didn’t quite get the popularity everyone was expecting for it.
So this year, do not hesitate and give it a chance!

And then, of course, we have the films. Oh the Christmas films. For the last few years,
Netflix has been creating this Christmas universe, which is basically composed by all Netflix
original films that contain the word “Christmas” in its title, plus the film “The princess
This last one is probably the most popular one, starring Vanessa Hudgens (which is actually
paradoxical as everyone knows she is the Halloween queen). The film has some “The
Princess Diaries” vibes as it is about a regular girl that suddenly finds herself as a princess,
and of course, it takes place in Christmas. It is tender and fun, and will have you begging to
have an unknown twin sister that is actually a princess somewhere.
The rest of the films belonging to this fictional universe are the trilogy of “A Christmas
Prince”, “Christmas inheritance”, “The Christmas Calendar”, and “The knight before
Christmas”. And of course, if you want to see how all these movies are related to each other
then you will just have to watch them. You won’t regret it, let the Christmas spirit flow!

And then, last but not least, we have Netflix’s original christmas movies that are not part of
this universe. “Holidate” has been the most popular so far this year, and while it could also be
related to thanksgiving, it certainly has some christmas vibes as well. Emma Roberts portrays
Sloane, a heartbroken girl that finds a partner she can bring to all holidays in order to avoid
her family’s questions, a holidate.
We can also find “Operation Christmas Drop”, which was released just a couple days ago,
and is actually based on a real fact: how on Christmas, the US AirForce provides supplies to
56 different islands. The film, full of hope and of course love, will for sure cheer up your

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