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Netflix Pioneers the New Age Entertainment

by avenuepop

Netflix has easily become the most popular and successful on-demand media industry with a
yearly profit of over $11 billion, and we can actually understand why. Today we are going to
dive into a little analysis on how the company built its success, so get ready for this Netflix’s
history masterclass!
The company first became popular for their DVD rentals where you had a subscription that
allowed you to order a few DVDs at a time for a small price, once you returned what you had
you could rent more DVDs. We are talking about around the 2000s, the same year Britney
Spears released “Oops I did it again” (key fact for any and every history class).
Now Netflix is primarily online, and you can watch whatever you want whenever you want for a
monthly fee starting $10.99, or less if you join a family plan with your family or more likely a
group of friends who are just as broke as you are. But it is okay, we are all in this together. How
could we not team up to get Netflix’s over 140 million hours of content? There is something for
everyone, as we might already know, with a wide range of genres that include, action, comedy,
horror, documentary and much more.

One of the many reasons Netflix is so popular is because they stream some of T.V.’s biggest
shows and allow viewers to watch a whole series or catch up on the most recent season that they
missed when it was originally aired on T.V. and without commercials. How many of us got into
Netflix just to have Gossip Girl on demand? I did, and I must say it was a great decision.
Being able to watch a whole season or series gave birth to the term binge watch; a trend that has
become a popular way for people to enjoy their favorite content over the past few years and that
has prevented many people from getting their 8 hours night sleep, but I am sure all of them
(myself included) would claim it is worth it.

Binge watching, however, has more pros than cons apart from what our sleep schedule might
say, since it has become something that allows people who don’t normally have the time to sit
down on a regular basis to enjoy their favorite entertainment in one sitting. And because Netflix
is uploading the most recent seasons of current hits, most people will wait until Netflix airs the
show so that they can binge watch and not have to wait a week to find out what happens in the
next episode, which saves us a lot of unproductive thinking over the week going over and over
again to that final cliffhanger that broke all our theories.

With the low price of Netflix and other streaming services, many people are getting rid of cable
and watching all of their favorite shows online instead. This really saves us all tons of money
each month! Instead of paying for cable we just wait until they can watch shows and movies on
Netflix and only pay for the streaming service that offers far more than cable at a cheaper price
and without ads.
Netflix allows viewers to watch on their computer, phone, tablet and their television; while,
cable is confined to just their T.V. with that kind of service. Another point for Netflix! This
flexibility is one of the key factors in Netflix’s success; since it really gives a lot of freedom to
viewers to choose what, whem, and how to watch as long as they have a WiFi connection or
have downloaded the content they wish to watch. Netflix has eliminated the fear of missing your
favorite show because you won’t be home when it’s on and it has made our lives easier by doing

After Netflix had become so successful, they started to release Netflix Originals, which have
become just as popular as the hit movies and T.V. shows life-long companies offer. We all know
the best Netflix Originals would be Orange is the New Black, 13 Reasons Why or Stranger
Things; although there are SO many good ones that it is really difficult to choose just a few.
Recently Netflix has also been advertising their Originals on TV commercials since they want to
show that they are evolving into more than just a place to watch your favorite show or movie
Movies are also being changed with Netflix, many people skip going to the movie theater and
wait until the movie comes out on Netflix and watch it for “free” at home. People see the movies
as “free” because you are not going to the theater and spending $10 on a movie you may not like,
and you are watching it under your monthly fee which allows you to watch multiple shows and
movies at once with only one payment, which also decreases the amount of DVD purchases.
With movies going on Netflix so quickly, why would you buy it for $20 if it is right there in your
Netflix account without you having to do anything or pay a separate fee?
With the growing popularity of Netflix and other streaming services cable companies are losing
business and the world of T.V. and movies as we know them are being changed into a more
advanced and fun way of enjoying entertainment. Yay!!

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