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Outer Banks is one of the Netflix Original Shows that were released during the lockdown,
and it certainly helped relieve our anxiety and stress with its epic plot and gorgeous
In July it was announced the renovation for a second season, and whether you have already
watched the show, you’re on it right now, or you have never heard of it and need a reason to
watch it, we are sure you are going to love its cast as much as the characters they portray!
Chase Stokes

He portrays John B, the treasure hunter, group leader and troubled kid that leads the show. He
is also involved in the main and best love story of the show, but of course, we are not going
to say with who for the sake of those who might not have watched it yet.
Besides being just a teenager in the show, he is actually 28, and Jhon B is his first important
role. He is best friends with Jeremy Pope, also a new Netflix star who portrays Archie
Coleman on the show “Hollywood”. They actually graduated together and they both have
achieved huge success this year in Netflix shows. That’s besties goals huh?

Keeping on with his personal life, two months ago the actor confirmed his relationship with
Madelyn Cline, also a key part of the cast as she embodies Sarah. That’s also relationship

Madelyn Cline

As I was saying, Madelyn embodies Sarah, at first presented as completeñy opposite to John
B’s lifestyle, but who will later find out they have more things in common than she thought.
Again, she is dating Chase Stokes as the chemistry between them arose during the shooting of
the show, and they are such a couple of beauties.
She is 22 years old and had already made some appearances in shows like The Originals or
Stranger Things, besides some commercials. After her co-starring role in Outer Banks, she
also starred in Tyga’s music video “Hot Stuff”, along with her partner Chase. Never ending

Madison Bailey

She gives life to Kiara, Kie, the only member of John B’s gang who actually comes from a
wealthy family, although she is not really made for it. She’s an activist and doesn’t care about
the first world problems of the wealthy people that surround her.
She is 21, and although this is her first starring role ever, she was already quite well-known
before, especially on Instagram. This is because she was and still is (and hopefully always
will be) dating University of North Carolina Charlotte Women’s Basketball star, Mariah
Linney. She has openly discussed that she is a pansexual, and everyone just loves her,
because how could we not.

Rudy Pankow

He embodies John B’s best friend, and is the most irresponsible yet resolutive member of the
group. His life has been really tough but he is not afraid to keep complicating it, especially if
it is for one of his friends.
Rudy Pankiw actually is 22 years old, was born in Alaska, and comes from theater, where he
has played roles in plays such as Mary Poppins, The Nutcracker or Oliver Twist. He first
appeared on tv on The Politician and Deviant, and now here, as JJ.
Also talking about relationships, he is dating model Bianca dri, and again, we can not get
over how good these two look together.

Jonathan Daviss

He portrays the smartest yet shiest person in John B’s group of friends, as he is the brain
behind almost every operation but then he is scared to get on the actual missions. What we
love about him is that still, he always manages to get on board in order to help his friends out!
He is 21 years old, although with a beard he does look older. As he himself acknowledges in
his Instagram bio, his friends call him JD. He had previously starred in a film before, “Age of
Summer”, but never been featured in a show before.

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