by avenuepop

Every fall, summer clothing slowly fades away as warmer pieces replace bikinis and shorts in
every store. Jeans are one of the most essential items of cold weather, and every year we see
how brands reinvent them in new ways that can differentiate them from those of previous
Therefore, new trends arrive each winter, although there’s one that we have been seeing for a
couple of years already: ripped jeans.

Ripped jeans may not be for everyone, but they seem to be getting more and more popularity
every year. They are really versatile, as all jeans in general are, and they also have that
special punch that makes us want to have them even though, as many grannies would say,
they are actually ripped!
A ripped jean can be combined with everything you would wear with a regular pair, and it
will instantly add some more edgy, fun and cool vibes to your look.
Sometimes, a big whole may look more striking than a small rip, and that is actually where
the fun resides.We can take into account the sizes, forms and loose ends end that each
particular pair of ripped jeans has in order to combine them with different upper parts.
By putting together a tight top with some baggy, big holes pair of jeans, we create a nice
balance that enhances all body shapes. If we add some chunky sneakers or high shoes, we can
stylize our body even more, especially if the jeans are high-waisted, as they will make our
legs look longer.
We can also create formal looks with ripped jeans, as opposite as that might look. We may
want some skinny jeans for it rather than mom or any other baggy pair, as tighter jeans are
more associated with elegance. In this same regard, we might also want some middle waist
pair rather than a high one.
If we put a basic shirt along with a blazer together with a regular pair, the look would be very
boring as this has been the uniform for thousands of people for years and years. But if we add
some small rip to the jean, some loose ends to the bottom of the legs, and choose a colorful
blazer, that’s something completely different.

Ripped jeans, as they have almost established themselves as key items in fashion, have also
evolved and joined other trends. This year we can see colorful ripped jeans, patchwork ripped
jeans, asymmetric pairs…If you feel comfortable with regular ripped jeans, we highly
recommend you getting to try some more edgy pairs. Jeans have never been so fun!

As we always say, in fashion, possibilities are endless!

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