by avenuepop

Have you ever been working out and felt the music you were listening to possessing you and
pushing you to go harder on your routine? If you have ever attended a zumba or bodycombat
class then you’ll probably know what I’m talking about, since those are precisely music
driven classes.
But you don’t need to sign up for any class to get this feeling, just trust us and add these tunes
to your workout playlist. Let the energy flow!

-Old times Daddy Yankee: not that our current Daddy Yankee is not fire when it comes to hot
latin music, but the songs he released in the young 2000s just play in another league.
Reageton back then was just more intense, and we can assure you that the deep bass of songs
like “Perros Salvajes” will give you the strength you need to keep sweating.
-Break the rules, Charlie XCX ft Tiësto. Where to start with this song? The lyrics, the
progressive beats, the rhythm. Little by little this song captures all the energy you might have
left and gives it back to you on the chorus, multiplied by 1000. Pump up the volume!

  • Se te nota, Lele Pons ft Guaynaa. The ex-viner Pons has done it again! She has come up
    with a really exotic song that will for sure be different from everything else in your playlist. It
    makes you want to move to it, and at the same time the part by Guaynaa is strong enough to
    make you push harder!
  • -TikTok remix, by Olympis, Hellion and LIINNI. A classic with a twist, and what a twist!
    You know the lyrics, and you’ll love the beats. This song brings you the motivation you need
    and will male you feel sexy as never before while training. Promised!
  • -Yo Perreo sola, Bad Bunny. If you have seen its music video, then you know what I’m
    talking about. Get low just as Bad Bunny himself does with this hit and let his motivation
    dive deep into you. you got it!

-Testify, Steve Hill ft Klubfiller. This song is definitely for a sprint, from the very beginning
it is strong as no other! If this doesn’t get into you and manages to make you jump higher
than ever before, then I don’t know what will. Get ready!
-Baddest Things, Party Favor, NYMZ, ft Bunji Garlin. Oh yes. Just like the previous song,
this one gets your body moving. Really fast beats and a really catchy rhythm is all you need
to keep working up, and Baddest Things definitely provide you with it!
-Prende la cadera (Boom Boom), Big Mancilla. He is one of the biggest names within the
zumba music realms, and it’s not for nothing. While it is lighter than the previous ones, it still
is powerful and more importantly, has a rhythm you can’t not dance to. Enjoy!

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