by avenuepop

It is thanksgiving once again, which means it is time to be grateful, slow down, enjoy with
your loved ones, and of course, eat. Food is one of the most important features of this
festivity, as it brings people together not only when eating, but also with cooking.
Thanksgiving traditional dishes such as turkey or pumpkin pie are as old as this country itself,
and the older members of your family will for sure master them. We certainly wouldn’t dare
to celebrate thanksgiving without them, but what if we introduced something new?
If you and your family enjoy challenges and trying new things, take note of these special
thanksgiving recipes!

  1. Mascarpone mashed potatoes
    Many people claim that mashed potatoes are the best side dish by far, and they probably are
    right. What if we made them even better? (Yes, that is possible)
    Mascarpone cheese is the perfect mix between sweet and salty and has the perfect creamy
    texture that blends seamlessly with mashed potatoes.
    Put both in the oven for a slightly crispy and toasted brown exterior and a buttery interior that
    will drive your guests crazy. And just as simple as adding mascarpone!
  1. Sweet potato and coconut bread
    Sweet potato is a staple of thanksgiving, but since we might not really eat it that much during
    the rest of the year, we don’t really have those many dishes where we can add it. And it is
    really a pity , as sweet potato is a really versatile ingredient. Again, it is both sweet and salty,
    which gives place to endless combinations.
    Put along with coconut, it will result in a really exotic and nice taste, which combined with
    some cinnamon becomes the perfect cozy thanksgiving dish. Now blend those ingredients as
    if banana in a banana bread and you get a perfect dessert (and breakfast for the next day).
  1. Broccoli Caesar Salad
    Among all the big dishes that take place in every thanksgiving table, there is always some
    type of salad. It may not be the most appealing dish for sure, but how are you not going to put
    a salad there? even if it is just because some green looks great around all the other fall colors.
    Well, here’s how you can make a salad that is actually cool: chop and bake some broccoli,
    and add some caesar dressing. Add a little bit of parmessano and lemon zest to make it extra
    fancy, and there you go. And it actually tastes very good!
  1. Honey glazed brussel sprouts
    Oh brussel sprouts, another Thanksgiving basics. They probably aren’t anyone’s favourite,
    but they are always there, and we would miss them if they weren’t. And you can’t argue that.
    Precisely because of this, we have come up with a way to make brussel sprouts more
    interesting: simmer some honey in a saucepan, and once it has gotten an amber color, pour it
    over your roasted brussel sprouts. Add some chili flakes to spice things a little bit up, and
    everyone will be surprised how cool and tasty your sprouts are!

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